Hi!Β I am a freelance photographer and journalistΒ based in Turku, Finland.Β 
When I visited my grandparents as a kid, one of my favorite things was going through their photo albums. I would do it over and over, on every visit. It was too fascinating to see my relatives as newborns and to examine how my grandparents' house looked 50 years ago.Β It was incredible to see the memories photographs could hold.Β Documenting real life is still the best thing I know.
As a journalist I mostly work for documentary filmsΒ and TV.Β 
I am always up for new projects and meeting new people.Β Don't hesitate to reach out and say hi! Feel free to follow me on Instagram as well.

2021β€”2023 Visual Journalism, MA, University of Tampere
2012β€”2019 Media Studies, MA, University of Turku
Selected workshops and courses
2020β€”2022 DOC masterclass by photographer Hannamari Shakya
2019 A two-week reportage workshop by photographer Touko Hujanen
2022 Jokes
2022 Patricia SeppÀlÀn sÀÀtiâ
2020 Jokes
2020 Suomen tietokirjailijat