What would happen if the Earth rotated in the other direction? 
Why is the sky between the stars black? 
Are there some rules for using space? 
How does the war in Ukraine appear in space? 
When is the best time in the summer to look at the Moon? 
Can a white dwarf become a supernova? 
Does the Arctic Circle wander? 
Have you ever seen the Earth's shadow? 
What are Lagrange points?

These questions are hand-picked from the social media channels of Ursa Astronomical Association which is the oldest and largest amateur astronomy association in Finland, with circa 19 000 members across the country. Amateur astronomy isn’t only about a passion for things like science, but it is also a way to explore complex themes like identity and meaning of life. Astronomy is full of wonder and questions.
You could say that modern societies, including Finland, are more hectic and uncertain than ever. During the last few years only, our sense of self and of the world has been shaken by the war in Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic – both massive and literally world-changing events. This series explores the urban citizen in relation to the universe. When the weather allows, people like these retreat to the dark and look for a connection.
This is a series on urban amateur astronomers and the fascination they experience.

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