Shamanism is an ancient way of understanding both humans and nature.  It is believed that shamanism has been practiced in Finland for thousands of years — also the Finnish national epic Kalevala has shamanistic features. In many ways, shamanism is different today, but recent years have shown an increased interest in practicing it. 
Healing & working in tandem with spirits is still central to the practice. They say that anyone is capable of taking a shamanic journey. The journey is a method used to access other worlds and find the spirit helpers.
One of the core principles of shamanism includes the fact that there is no institution around it. However, today there are at least dozens of shamanic teachers and healers. They are the as intermediaries between the physical and spiritual world. 
Shamanic teachers & healers photographed in this series: 
Jaana Kouri, Hanna Ojanen, Milo Salminen, Helena Karhu

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